Blog #4

Letting your kid watch TV or playing on the computer/video games never used to cause problems until recently society is having an issue stepping away from the TVs and turning off the screens. In order to avoid feeding kids’ addiction to the media, parents need to start limiting their kids from letting the media control their lives. When i was growing up, my parents didnt let me do whatever i wanted on the computer/tv. i had many limitations including parental controls that kept me away from the bad things media showed. even though i had those restrictions, i spent a great amount of time on the computer which ended up messing up my vision causing my eyesight to change every year which costed my parents hundreds of dollars for new glasses. but unlike many kids now a days, i spent the majority of my days as a kid being outside and playing with my friends then in my free time or on a rainy day i would go on my computer. i learned a lot to how the internet works and can now problem solve when something happens to my computer. without some exposure and freedom i wouldnt know how to do that nor would i know what was happening in society back then. unfortunately not many kids are like that and they spend all their time constantly watching a screen all day instead of enjoying time outside with their friends. this is becoming a big problem that needs to be solved. Parents need to limit how much time they let their kids watch tv/go on the computer and make them enjoy being a kid by making them go outside and have fun. they shouldnt let their kids sit inside all day paying attention to media because it makes them lazy and obeice. Parents should start limiting their kids and instead of letting them bond with their computers and tvs, they should spend time with their family.

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